• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P. C.

9. 3. 77

My dear Derek,

Thanks for yrs of 8th.

You have a lot of interesting news in it. xxxxxxxxxxx
Good to hear that the novella pro-
gresses. Yes,difficult to see a piece of
work at all objectively just after complet-
ion. Note also the point about the xxxxxx
threatened libel action. Not Lady Muriel,I
am relieved to hear.

Good that you can come to the 27 March
"do" in Sloane Square. I am holding a
council of war this evening to finalise -
what a word! - arrangements. Heath-Stubbs is
coming - I find him agreeable and co-
operative. London Poetry Secretariat has
given £40 for H-S and Jenny Joseph (i.e. for
both,not each). Jenny wants to hand over some
of her share to Matthew and me, and intends to
suggest this to H.S. I am not really
concerned about the money as I want to get
the evening going and draw attention to the
Pembridge Poetry Group. The idea is to
celebrate the 21st reading,but of course I
want to continue with private readings mainly.
Each of these means I'm a bit out of pocket
but I feel they are worthwhile.

Re my 2nd autobiog and O'Keefe, I don’t
think I like it so much now as to want to send
it out before extensive revision. Now if he
were interested in a Fox book,that wd be xxxxx
another matter. I’ve got a 2nd Fox book with
Dolmen at the moment (it was turned down by
Peter Fallon of Gallery). Yes,I got some
excellent Fox reviews,not least in AQUARIUS,
but it hasN't helped in finding a publisher.

Love to you both - Robert

1977 Mar 9th
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