• Letters to Stanford


36 H P M
22nd March 1973
replied: 24 Mar
My dear Derek,
Thanks for p.c.
I was interested to hear of your encounter in the London Library. Senility beckons!
Blackstaff Press have turned down my Ms without comment. Have sent it to Gerard van Seteren Werson, but am inclined to resign myself to not finding a publisher. At least it provided material for several pieces that did get into print.
Group 36 carries on, average attendance of 5, so am still recruiting.
No books from Valerie since before Xmas. She wrote to ask for name of B and B editor. Have you been getting books from her ? Anyway,they have been flooding in from Frank G B.
I think that spate of strikes didn’t achieve much and may have disappointed the militants.
Love to you both –

1973 Mar 22nd
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