• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P.C

14 2 77

My dear Derek,

Thanks for yrs of 10th.

Interested to hear there may be a Pernod party to launch
your book. I need hardly say how much I'm looking forward to
it. I hope it won't be delayed. March 3l would be a very good
pubn date. Interested too in the 1890''s Society meeting and glad
to hear you were speechifying at it.

I wonder what Time O'Keefe wants to see you about. Something-
in your interest, I hope.

Good that the novella is steadily growing.

Nothing much is happening to me. "Null midwinter" as I say
in a poem. Much work and little play make R a dull boy...

Love to you both,

My young friend Matthew Sweeney is organising a poetry reading-
on Wednesday at North London Polytechnic. One is of the readers
is Sebastian Barker, son of George Barker. Sons of the fathers
or is it sins of the fathers ?

1977 Feb 14th
George Barker
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