• Letters to Stanford


meeting seem promising. Tell me when we
meet, So he found Patricia 'formidable' .
I can only echo yr own comment:"Who indeed
has not!"

I am awaiting the names of the 43
fortunate poets with some interest. The
golden hoys.

Auden,W.K. (disqualified)
Betjeman,John (l.b.w.)*
Comfort,A. (entered "The Sexiad")
Durrell,L ("Alexandrine Quartet")
Etc. etc.

Copy of the Drabble from Valeriex,
inscribed :"To Robert,with love and thanks
for much encouragement." Haven't had it yet
from B and B despite promises.

hill post this tomorrow after looking at
I.T. to see if you have a piece there.

(5th Oct-nothing by you) Glad to see us both
in B+B.

Love to you both - Robert

*lately bloody wet

1975 Oct 4th
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