• Letters to Stanford



i expect, xx I'll be going to
Waldshut (via Zurich) 1st or 2nd Sept
for a short time.

Freddie now lives in a hostel in
Camden Town. It seems to me that he will n
gradually deteriorate and end up in a
"Home" or something of the sort. I doubt
if a psychiatrist could do anything with
him,partly because of his age. F's
brother,a consultant,will probably be
able to arrange something when the time
comes. You will be amused to know; that
Leslie G seems to have banned me from
his household - F goes there to eat
occasionally and says L is in a filthy
temper much of the time,not least because
his latest novel has been rejected a
number of times. Such is life.

Let me know when/where we can

My cousin Walter is coming to
London next week.

Love to you and Peggie

1975 Jul 16th
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