• Letters to Stanford


27 P. Cres.

16th July 75
replied 17 July

My dear Derek

Thanks letter of 14th.

Yr students obviously appreciate
yr efforts.

Have noted news from Valerie. I
think it would be better for you not to
ask editors for it as it places you in an
embarrassing position.

Sorry to hear of yr visits to the
doctor. Hope all is well. I have quite
a let of aches,pains, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and minor (?) complaints from time
to time. When one finishes another starts
- I don't count morning catarrh,a life-
long friend. Age,I suppose.

Term at ILEA finished 27 June,but
I carry on at Park School (private) which
doesn't close. I finish there at 1 p.m.
- near Holland Park Station,as you .know.
Last week and this some afternoons have
been taken up with lectures to Ger
teachers for Educ Interchange,but next
week( 21 - 25 ) is quite free in after-
noons. Would you like to come here,to
Ho. 27 ? Or I can meet you where you
like. Europa or elsewhere.

1975 Jul 16th
Holland Park
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