• Letters to Stanford


27 P. C.

5th July, 1975
replied 11th July.

My dear Derek,

Thanks for your letter,news and close
criticism of "A Child in Hospital". I'll keep
Peggy's suggestion in mind.

Enc the latest xx in which you will read of Francis Stuart's
award by the Arts Council of the Republic.
(Conor Farrington is Brian F’s brother.) You will
remember that I entered this Bursary contest,
but I suppose practice makes perfect.

IPC lunch seems interesting - also that
you have had renewal of this contact after so
many xxxxx years.

Have seen a very healthy-looking and sober
Freddy today. He’s doing a second translation job
(from Italian) and it looks as if he might
build up something for himself in this line.
He’s had buckets of experience in Geneva and

Love to you both -

1975 Jul 5th
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