• Letters to Stanford


Glad to hear of your champagne
quaffing at C.C. The name is Connor?
I thought I heard you say O’Connor? My
mistake. It wouldn't he at all helpful
for a novelist to be called O’Connor
because of Frank O’Connor (a short story
genius and mediocre novelist,as you know).

Have heard from Shirley and answered
some of her questions re poetry.

Sorry to hear that yr house-hunting in
Arundel hasn’t worked out. It will, one day.

Arethusa came here a couple of days
ago. Don’t know her plans as yet.

Working in the heat no joke. Never
like hot weather in London. Quite a
different matter at the seside.

Love to you both - Robert

sent a 2nd letter to Madame Cash.
Not a whisper of a reply......

1975 Jun 13th
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