• Letters to Stanford


No. 27

13. 6. 75

My dear Derek,

Thanks yrs Thurs.

Glad you like the appearance of
the Captain. I think it's better to hold
your / copy until we meet - the bound vol
looks even better - -as the Post Office xxx

might dent or crease it. I xxxxxx hardly
xxxx ever get a book , however well
packed,that hasn't been slightly damaged
in some way or other.

I took to Francis xxxxx Stuart
on sight - saw him before we met,as I
recognised him among the audience, A
delightful man; obviously resolute x under
a very quiet,gentle manner. Humorous,too.

Met the designer of the jacket,Michael
Kane,and liked him,but he didn't attempt
to explain the design,so yr guess is as
good as mine!

I may say I did NOT like Kennelly. A fat bellied,
too-clever-by-half Irish peasant.


1975 Jun 13th
Captain Fox
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