• Letters to Stanford


Yr Mrs. Cash hasn't ccme up with the cash.
Gerald Clarke xxxxxxx keeps asking me if she has
got it and I can only answer "don't know". Again,
we shall see what we shall see.

A more immediate problem is Freddie - "Vine
by name and vine by nature" as he once called
himself in our early acquaintance 35 years ago.

He is a medical/psychiatric case,I think. Drunk
most evenings,on the dole,making practically no
effort to find work and walking around London
doing nothing day after day. He honours financial
obligations and causes me no positive trouble,But
there's always the possibility of his causing
mischief to himself or my flat when in his cups.
I don't want him to go and I don't want him to
stay unless he does something about it. Waiting
for an opportunity for a bit of plain speaking...

Herta writes that she still has back pains
but they have eased a bit. She had a bad cold at
the time of the fall so that didn't help. But she
is a woman who can endure much and has endured
much. She's due here on Sat., 22nd.

My cold cleared up fairly quickly - just 2
days' real nastiness.
look after yourself.Love to both - Robert

Pleased to hear on B.B.C. news just now of 20 yr
sentence on killer of policeman. These thugs only
understand tough punishment. Our Judges obviously
don't read the NEW STATESMAN.

1975 Mar 6th
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