• Letters to Stanford


No. 2 7 P.C.

6th March, 1976

replied:8 Mar.

My dear Derek,

Many thanks for yrs of 4th.

I am glad Peggie and you had a good
holiday w/e in Chichester. Interested to
have yr hews of Jon W-T. Yes, I've been
wondering why we don't see Centaur Books
these days. I suppose he has private means
he can live on.

I've sent the article on the Greacens
to Nan G (Mrs. Faure) in the U.S. and a
copy to Walter. If the Yankee cousins want
it extended I'll be happy to oblige but I'll
do mo more work on it unless there is a
proposal to print or something of the kind,
as I can't spare the time. If nothing like that
is suggested, I'll get a few copies made and
distrubute to known relatives.

R.H. v. F and F. The trouble with R.H.
is that he neither puts all the cards on the
table or wholly conceals them. Bits of the
jigsaw,to change the metaphor,are missing. He
changes the emphasis from one point to another.
My impression is that he is partially round the
bend. We shall see what we shall see,but it
seems to me that his career as a writer may be
over. What publisher would touch him now ?

1975 Mar 6th
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