• Letters to Stanford


No. 2 7 P.C.

28. 2. 75

My dear Derek,

Many thanks for yrs of 27th.

Yes,Harbinson's letter was fascinating. I have
a thick file of Harbinsoniana since he resumed
correspondence. I would spill no tears on F and F's
behalf but I don't think he has a chance in hell.
On his own admission,he goes in for sharp practice,
as I shall tell you when we meet.

Various agonised letters frcm Valerie about the
non-appearance of my review of her book in B and B.
I phoned Cis yesterday who explained about less
space,topical reviews etc., and xxxxx was as pleasant
as always. She says she hopes to get your R. Brooke,
into the issue dated April.

Haven't seem the Marcus anthol. David has always
been generous to me as a critic but right from the
start was reluctant to publish my poems. I never send
him any now but when I last wrote couldn't help but
point out that I had a book coming from Gallery. You
can’t please all of the editors all of the time.

X-rays show that Herta has suffered no serious
injury. My eagle will live to fly here as arranged,
together with her eaglet. She says I am her "golden
lion". The Germans and Swiss are mad keen on highly
polished floors. Visitors beware! Is their idea to
trip up prowling 'golden lions'?

1975 Feb 28th
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