• Letters to Stanford


N.I Arts Council meeting tomorrow
to decide whether to grant or not to grant
re Capt. Fox.

We had a splendid walk in and around
Rottingdean,saw the local museum with its
marvellous collection of Kipling books and
letters. Wish I had had a glass-cutter
in my pocket! R.H. chuckled at my
predicament. Ate locally caught
pigeon at evening meal. He's a damn good
cook,mad or not.

Francis Stuart was supposed to have
collaborated with the Nazis. A'liberal'
and socialist lie,of course,though he was
an IRA man in his youth. The fact is that
he was teaching in Berlin when the War xxxx
broke cut. A interesting case of a
forgotten man making a come-back. Like
Basil Bunting.

Love to you both - Robert

1975 Jan 27th
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