• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P.C.

27. 1. 75

My dear Derek,

Many thanks yrs 23rd.

I note that competition results will be
pubd next Sat., 1 Feb.

Yes I can manage Wed.,5 Feb in that
Europa cafe nr Chancery Lane Stn, 2.30 to

I spent most of yesterday with Robt
Harbinson/Robin Bryans at Rottingdean
where he lives in a friend's cottage. What
tales he had to tell of F and F , and
Charlie Monteith (who was a classmate of
Freddy’s). It’s a fantastic story. Some
of the events he proved,as he showed me
documents. It’s much too detailed to go
into here. He’s now writing a book about
‘the affair’. He intends to tone it down
as otherwise no publisher wd dare to bring
it out. You will recall his famous couplets

Conmen and crocks
Run Faber books.

This got him 6 days in Pentonville - but
he claims that it cost F and F £100,000
to shut him up.

1975 Jan 27th
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