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clear - I should have asked him to place that at the.
end of the poem. It was included in THE UNDYING DAY
and elsewhere. The poem is in my early poem "public"
style,as you say. It is,I hope,obvious from the text
that 12 July processions we re not held during the
war years. The last word of the poem is "Finaghy" -
this is the place just outside Belfast to which
marchers go,listen to speeches and have refreshments
before starting the trek back.

I hope my poem about Roy won’t embarrass him
with some of his clients. Business has been declining
and I’d hate to think that he lost fees through my
scribbling. But poetry is no more read there by the
populace than it is here.

You cover a wide poetic field - from Finaghy to
Riga,as one might say. Good for you.

Enclose Braybooke's HIB article. Read it with
enjoyment. I note that the research was done by

Glad that Jack didn’t have to drive through x a
storm to get to you this year.

All being well,you’ll see Herta and me on 2nd


Love to you both -


Sad that T.R. Hew is dead...

1974 Dec 23rd
Roy McFadden, Finaghy
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