• Letters to Stanford


27 Pembridge Crescent,
W. 11.

replied:6 Dec

My dear Derek,

Many thanks tor yours of 2nd. '

There seem to he as many delays with your
Aussie lady's prize awards as with Capt. xxx Fox.

Glad you have interested S and J in Gascoyne's
Journal. So Lowell is trying,too - his wife comes
from Ulster,by the way (Caroline Blackwood) and
has published a book of what seem to be extremely
nasty stories. (Perhaps there’s a connection
between Ulster and nastiness------I wouldn’t

Good to hear you are working on INSIDE THE
FORTIES. Perhaps you will find a phrase in one of
the poets of the time to sum it up succinctly.
Here’s to your pyrotechnic displays!

I finish these days near Holland Park Station
at 1 p.m. Strand is awkward to get to but Holbornn
on the Central line is straightforward. If we ,
could meet at Holborn Station and eat nearby, I
expect I’d get there by about 1.30. West London
College finished on 13th but the private school
I work at in the mornings goes on until xxx 20th.
The other thing to remember is that I’m in
Ealing on Friday mornings (but term there ends
on 13th). As you see,I now have 3 teaching jobs
I’d suggest 23rd or 24th,unless that’s too near
the great day for you - could be anywhere any

1974 Dec 4th
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