• Letters to Stanford


the arse for Longley if we could get a subsidy from
Dublin -- you see how important it is in dealings
with Ireland not to be too committed one way orwthe
other! Meanwhile Pete has brought out 3 books,
inc 1 of his own,and has been giving readings at
T.C.D. and xx on TV. He’s written to assure me
that he will do everything possible to get the
book out. But when ?!

My class at Ealing goes happily. Have been
doing DHL,with a very detailed look at SONS AND
LOVERS. Apart from about 3 young women,the rest
are elderly - and there are only 2 men in the
class. There’s a high percentage of proiessional
people so one doesn't have to say F-r-e-u-d - a
Hungarian woman doctor knows more about F-r-e-u-d
xxxx than I do.

This week I was offered some temporary work
by those people I worked for in Holland Park last
spring and summer - the Tutors,Davies,Laing and
Dick who have gone into the Eng for Foreigners
business. I’ve a good pal there,a bearded Right-
wing Lancastrian who swallows beer on a Chesterton-
ian scale, x I very much like the Northern English:
hard workers yet good fun.

I see the Govt are at last to take some anti-
IRA measures...Now the English are beginning to
see what my people have been enduring for the last
5 years and at various times before '69.

Robert Lowell has been reading from his work
in Belfast (possibly because he has an Ulster wife>
Courageous of him to go there... Latest HU out (no
spare copy at the moment) with a lot of stuff by xx
me,but ,alas,none of it paid for...
Love to you both -

x 3 pints at lunchtime!

1974 Nov 23rd
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