• Letters to Stanford


36 H P M

17 Sept. 74
replied: 18 Sept 74

My dear Derek,

Many thanks for yrs of last Sat.

Good suggestion of yrs for inscription
and I’ll keep it in mind. You/I might think
of something even brighter.

Newsflash : It is reprted by usually
reliable sources that H.G. will be moving to

27 Pembridge Crescent,Notting Hill Gate,W.11.
In fact he has already made a number of taxi
trips there with secret files and documents.
Rumour has it that the house in which he will
have a 2 roomed furnished flat is owned by
Captain Fox. The phone number Is :

229 4898

End of newsflash.

Letters may now be sent to the new
address. Will tell you later how I came to
take this flat.

Interested in your various bits of lit-
erary news:Brooke article and Rhymers’ Club

1974 Sep 17th
Notting Hill
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