• Letters to Stanford


36 Holland Park Mews,W. 11.

3rd. September, 1974

Dear Peggie,

Many thanks for your kind letter.
I'm glad you liked the scarf.

Derek told me about your days at
Selborne and the househunting. Sorry to
hear of your fall and subsequent m bruises
which I hope have cleared up by now. I
fell off a bicycfe in Waldshut - xxxxxx
because the saddle was too high. So I had
a bruised side but was lucky not to end
up in the "krankenhaus". Apart from that,
everything xxxx went well and I saw a lot
of S.Germany and Switzerland.

It looks as if we are both in the
market for new accommodation. Mrs. Wechs-
ler is entering a Buddhist Order (taking
full ordination in November) so I have to
be out by the end of Nov. She will
probably stay on here,though of course as
a nun she can be sent anywhere - to
Samye Ling in the Border country or
to mdia or literally anywhere - but if
she stays here she will have another nun
staying with her. She will make over the

1974 Sep 3rd
Germany, Switzerland
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