• Letters to Stanford


36 Holland Park Mews, L ond on, W.11.

8 xth July, 1974

My dear Derek,

I assume that Peggie,Jack and you are
disporting yourselves at Lymington. If the
weather is anything like London - and I expect
It’s better still - you have nothing to complain

Had a letter a few days ago from Peter
Fallon . A friend of his is reading the Mss
and then he,ll let me know which poems he wants.
A very choosey young man is Peter. Fortunately
I have respect for his judgment which is more
than I can say for many in the publishing biz.
No biz like pub biz,what ?

A ring today from RTE,the TV and radio
people in Dublin. Could they use my "short
story" which had appeared in the DUBLIN MAG
in seme series or other ? I said yes, they
checked my address and said I’d get a contract.
Mind you,the DUB Mag paid not a penny in the
first place. Perhaps this illustrates the text:
cast thy bread upon the waters...

Not such good news is that Mrs. Wechsler
will be selling 36 and moving up to the Tibetan
Centre In the Border country (near Langholm xx
in Dumfriesshire). She’s holding out for a
stiff price (30 grand,if you’re interested ).
She proposes to buy a couple x of houses - one

1974 Jul 8th
Peggie, R.T.E, Dublin
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