• Letters to Stanford


36 Holland Park Mews,W.11.

26th June,1974
replied 27th June

My dear Derek,

Many thanks yrs 24th.

The man I know at Helnemann Ednl is
John St. John. He's very affable. You
may be surprised to know that for many xxxx
years he was a member of the C.P. but left
over Hungary. Public School background.
As I say,he's a very easy person to get on
with - so good luck there....

Note that you will be back,after yr
holiday with Peggie and Jack,on 14 th July,
so then you can come up and meet H. She
phoned me from Germany last night - afraid
I might be ill as I hadn't replied as xxxxx
quickly as usual to her last letter, xxxxxxx
I still see P but not as often - don't
believe in cruel breaks.

Enclose the latest communication
from Longley* - I call him "Shortly" when I
write to Roy. It will explain itself.
Please return. I think L is moderately
in my favour. I don't think that he makes
enemies in the way that, say, Simmons does.

Good to hear Fred V has a book in the

(* An invitation to submit poems for a for a poem series
sponsored by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland - DS)

1974 Jun 26th
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