• Letters to Stanford


I’ve written a Memo for Logue dealing with
schemes I know about: Scottish Arts Council,
Gregory Fellowship, Yorkshire Arts Assn and
Gr. London Arts Assn. Do you know of any others ?
Or any writers who have information ? Sent a
cutting to Brigid Brophy who has kindly replied
and said she will give a mention in WAG news-

Bought a Laurie Lee letter,lengthy and
pre-War,for xxxx. £12 the other day. Discusses
a poem by a poet I hadn’t heard of.

Nice letter today from John Hewitt who has
retired from Coventry Art Gallery and gone back
to B’fast. I had written to congrat him on his
receiving Hon D.Litt from New Univ Ulster (Cole-
raine) .

Good luck with yr controversies -

Not drowning but waving (with apologies)

Love to you both -

to the 8th

Not a single book from B and B this year,but with
my extra teaching work it’s just as well. Feel
tired enough as it is.

Yr first guess was bang on. Cherchez la femme.

1974 Apr 27th
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