• Letters to Stanford


 36 H P M

27 Apr 74

My dear Derek,

Hope you've got rid of the cough and cold.
I know so well what this kind of thing is like
and had a xxxxxxxdreadful go of it just after
C'mas. Fortunately I've been allright since.
Here's a tip but perhaps you already know it.
Cut out MILK. I've had practically no milk
(except when I have tea/coffee x elsewhere) for
perhaps 2 months. I learned to like tea/coffee
without sugar years ago,and now I can dispense
with milk,too. Sugar is a villain and milk is
not far behind! Seriously,I've had far less
sneezing and membrane irritation since I said NO
to the Demon Milk. If you xxxxxxx disagree with
this opinion,please pardon my eccentricity.

Freddy sent me a nice card from Looe and said
he wd ring on his way through London on Wed evg.
He rang from Cornwall on Tues and said- told Mrs.
Wechsler he wd ring on Wed evg. I was at home all
that evg. Did he ring ? Not on yr nelly. Next
day I rang L.G. who told me that F had been
round at his place and said it was impossible to
get me on the phone. He and his Mary have gone xx
back to Banbrmdge. Need I comment ?!

Letter frcm Assembyman Hugh Logue (S.D.L.P.,
Derry) who asked the Arts Council question in
N.Ireland Assembly. He sent me a copy of the
exchange with the Min of Ed. and asked me to
let him have information about 'writers in
residence' xxxxxx schemes. He intends to go into
the attack again on behalf of writers and
artists,with the support of one or two colleagues

1974 Apr 27th
Arts Council
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