• Letters to Stanford


3 6 H P M

14. 3. 74

My dear Derek,

Many thanks yrs.
12.30 then,next Wednes.

I think that,more than me,Roy ought to have
been in that anthol. He's had a book out not so
long ago and can't be considered to have dropped

Yes,I heard a radio review of the Cockshut ("t"or"tt"?)
book. Glad you got it from your aptly named
TEACHER'S PET. I’ve asked her to try to get me
the Montague selection.

Have just had WAG letter and have voted for
joining the Writers' Guild. Have you ? Those 2
girls have done a good job.

2 creative writing fellowships are being
offered by the Yorkshire Arts Assn,one at Sheff-
ield Univ and the other at a College of Edn.
I'm sending in an application and,with yr
permission,giving your name as a referee,i.e.
"an established writer,critic or academic who
knows your work and would be prepared to
support your application." Interviews will be
held early in May. Of course what I really need
is a recently published book of creative xxxx
work. Anyway,I believe it's worth having a
shot. xxxx

1974 Mar 14th
Writers' Guild
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