• Letters to Stanford


3 6 H P M

11 March 74

My dear Derek,

Many thanks for yrs.

Wednes.,20 March,for lunch at "Gaiety" is
fine. I notice you say 1.30,presumably xxxxx
because you are coming on a later train or have
a bit of business before getting to "Gaiety".
Just want to make sure it wasn’t a slip of the pen
and you intended to write the earlier time when we
usually meet.

I’m afraid the troublemakers are going to be
with us for a long,long time. Grandfather Stanford,
xxxx thou shouldst be living at this hour. ..

Jan and Feb have been two very lean months
for books. I’ve been turning my hand to articles
and glad to say one has been accepted by the IRISH
PRESS. Valerie is also article-writing and showed
me one or two that had appeared - e.g. in CAMBRIDGE
EVENING NEWS. She’s also collecting psychiatrist
and computer jokes for some project. A busy,busy

Has the Faber anthol of IRISH VERSE come your
way ? The editor,John Montague,is an Ulster Cathol-
ic,and much disliked (not on that account of xxxxxx
course) by R.McF. It's probably eccxentic in the
manner of Larkin's, with strange ommisions and inclusions.
If you review it I hope, should you

1974 Mar 11th
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