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36 H P M
5 Feb 74
My dear Derek,
Many thanks for your letter.
I’ve fixed up with Cis and Gareth that we shall go to the B and B offices at 12.30 on Friday, Feb.15. If trains are not running etc., well, we’ll just call it off. Heavens knows what will be happening by then – perhaps the Tube boys will striking, too.
I agree with what you say. Personally I have no confidence in Heath’s management of the country. Which does not mean any sympathy with the deliberate wreckers and stirrers-up of trouble. But really Heath isn’t a big enough man for a job that needs Churchillian type. Worse still, who is big enough in any of the Parties ? I feel very gloomy at the prospect ahead. Perhaps if the situation runs to a standstill or worse (riots etc) the Army will be used. There are senior officers – Brig. Kitson an outstanding one – who are prepared for urban strife; and they have the experience of the last few years in N.I. behind them.
The English have no tradition of violence like the Cath. Irish, and outbreaks of violence could probably be crushed fairly

1974 Feb 5th
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