• Letters to Stanford


36 Holland Park Mews, W.11.
7th December, ‘73
My dear Derek,
Thanks letter.
Thanks, too, for the kind remarks about “Wee Jimmy” which I think is now much better than the original version. There are of course the Irish papers, but nobody here sees them. I think nobody here will take on a ‘has been’. It would probably be better never to have written a line back in the 40’s. Peter Porter turns down everything I send with great respect, but a no is still a no. Most discouraging, one soldiers on.
Have you applied to emigrate to Australia/NZ/SA ? Yes, indeed, if I had anywhere to go to, I’d go! Shall not bore you with my views on the economic situation, but they are probably similar to yours. A bad time for optimists.
Love to you both

1973 Dec 7th
Emigrate, Australia
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