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3 6 H P M

17 Oct 73

My dear Derek,

Many thanks for the letter

As for the TRIB it is only what you deserve. I think you
have done a splendid job with "P-R W" , and am really delighted xx
that you should have done me the honour you have. Capt. Fox has
examined the book and pronounced it O.K. and if he thinks so,well.

Now I'm working on a long piece for B and B - it will run
to 1,300 or l,400 words - early on I make it clear the book is
dedicated to me. Frank said nothing about length! By the way,I'm
incorporating that tip you gave me in yr letter.

As you say,we have certainly had a long friendship during
which each of us has helped the other - and long may it last.
Before the old man shouts x"Come on,Bob,you’re next!" I’d like to
write a long essay on your work. America might he more welcoming
for such an effort than here. Let me have reactions some time.

My “wee child" will be heading again for Edinburgh on Friday after
a few weeks with her mum in Co.Cork. She writes that P has taken
up "Transcendental Meditation" and so has she. Meditaters of the
world unite,you have nothing to lose but your tensions.She says:
"The first few days I felt a bit hostile and resentful towards
Mummy but that has worn off. I find it relaxing and feel I’d like
to he more creative." If she only tried,what a splendid satirical
novel Arethusa could write about her parents!... Anyway,we shall
see what xxx we shall see. I once asked her:"Have you ever felt
you'd like to write?" and she answered "No!"

Yes,12.30 on U.N.Day (24th) at Gaiety wd be fine. See you.

Love to both - Robert

Do you remember my telling you about Belfast friends who left for
Canada last Christmas, arrived back disillusioned in Sept. and

1973 Oct 17th
Tribune, County Cork
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