• Letters to Stanford


36 Holland Park Mews, W.11.
14 July ’73
My dear Derek,
Many thanks yrs Thurs.
Have more or less recovered in the last few days. Yes, I used Enterovioform which in fact I took , as recommended, in Spain. As I told you,all was well there,and the damned thing developed on my return. But perhaps it would have been still worse had I not been taking the tablets.
Thurs next, 12.50 “Gaiety”, suits me fine.
I feel very honoured by the dedication to me of PRE-RAPHAELITE WRITING. The inscription is good. I’ll buy a few copies for distribution – one for Roy, for instance, This pleases me more than wd a dedication in some of the 90’s anthols you have done. Many thanks or,as I learnt in another place, muchas gracias. Delighted,too,that DenT’s are so pleased and are expressing their pleasure not only in words but in cheque book language.
One or two literary items to tell you about when we meet…Do you know the work of John Stewart Collins, an Anglo-Irishman ?

1973 Jul 14th
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