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36 H P M
Sat., 16th June, 73
replied : 18 June
My dear Derek,
You may have seen the SCOTSMAN today. If so, you will have seen that the job has gone to Archie Hind, the Glasgow novelist. Good luck to the boy! He certainly has a good record of published work. In case you haven’t seen the report ,I quote: “The selection panel who assessed the 18 candidates for the Aberdeen post were most impressed with their enthusiasm and commitment to the new concept,and already the Council have plans to introduce similar jobs to other areas in Scotland.”
Read yr fiction review with interest, though I haven’t read any of the books you deal with. I like the way you are quoted as saying: “Angus Wilson wrote brilliant shorter faction”,especially since later you have a sentence that begins: “Give all the facts about a man or woman”. The Scots, and even the Ulster Scots, are great faction fellows, hence our pedantry…
I enclose a wee cutting from the same

1973 Jun 16th
The Scotsman, Fiction
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