• Letters to Stanford


36 H.P.M 27/3/73
replied:28 Mar

My dear Derek,

Many thanks yrs.
Glad to hear that Valerie keeps you supplied with books.
I've had none since before Christmas so I suppose that's that.
Thank from "The Teacher" + the like! As with you, books keep pouring in from Frank.
Good news about yr Carcanet project Like those of Jehovah, David Marcus, mills
grind slow but they Do grind. I had a letter explaining that he can be
disappointed in the quality of recent books but would send some later on.
I think he likes to have a large number of reviewers on his panel, rather
than a few hogging up the available books. Not surprised to hear you had a book
from him even though the last was in august '72.
Coward dead! Hard to believe. isn't it? My respect for him grew as I was
writing that little book - and what a delightful man to meet!
Letter today from Roy McF. The

1973 Mar 27th
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