• Letters to Stanford


36 H.P.M
24 Feb 73
replied 27 Feb

My dear Derek,

I take it that you won't be coming to
town next Wed. Anyway,they are threatening
a London Transport close-down to. So it
looks as if our meeting is off. What about
7 March,Ash Wednesday ?

Enclose my TRIB notice of that book
about Belfast which I thought so good. I
wd like to write a booklet on Ulster,giving
the facts for English readers - fairly non-
commital. Can't think of who wd finance it.
What I had in mind was a series of quest-
ions e.g. "Why do most Catholics xxxxx want
a united Ireland ?" , "Why do most Protest-
ants want to remain in the U.K. ?" etc. But
I don't want to write a book.,as I'm not
primarily interested enough in politics/
history. Suggestions welcomed.

Have had 7 replies to my 1st advt re
Group 36 and one man is definite. But next
Wednesday !! Have sent out the leaflet to a
lot of people and am advertising,under my
own name,in TRIB - as some of their readers
shd have heard of me. Geo Licence is a
founder member,so to speak,and one or two

1973 Feb 24th
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