• Letters to Stanford


No. 62

13 March 1972

My dear Derek,

Yes,indeed,David H is hardly what one xxxxx
might call lucid. He’s a compulsve writer; and
compulsive writing often makes hard reading.
I tried to read the pamphlet but gave up. Lord,
I am not (intellectually) worthy.

Well,to take the Holbrookian xxxxxxxxxx
taste out of your (literary) mouth I enclose a
small selection from one Simmons. I don’t greatly
admire him,but I’ve read worse; and at least I
know what he’s getting at.

I wonder if that note about W.H.A. will
stimulate controversy.

What did yr bookseller think of the
Gascoyne offering ?

Love to you both-

1972 Mar 13th
Compulsive, Holbrook
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