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His heart misgives him, not because he fears
To match himself in manly feat of arms
With any champion, but because he fears
To do an impious act, as I too fear."

" I own it true," said Ferragon, " my heart
Is full of anguish and remorseful love
Towards him, my sovereign, who did never wrong.
Save in not meting justice to the full,
Against these violators of his law.
Who now repay his clemency with death."

" Call it not clemency," said Fergobar :
" He drove us naked from ancestral homes
To herd with outlaws and with desperate men."

" Outlaws we are ; and so far desperate,"
Said Ingcel, " that we mean to sack this house,
And for the very reason that he says,
Because the richest jewels, both of men
And gold, the land affords, are gathered there."
Then Lomna from his mantle took the brooch,
And said, " Oh Ingcel, this and whatso else
Of other plunder fallen to my share
Lies in the ships, I offer Take it all.
But leave this house unsack'd."

Said Ferragon,
" Take also all my share ; but spare the king."
But Ingcel roughly pushed the brooch away,
And said, " Have done. The onset shall be given."
" The onset shall be given, unless the earth
Open and swallow us ! " said Fergobar.

Anguish, Death, Outlaws
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