• Conary


Forbid the rising thought that these be they !)
Yet shall we soon be many ; for they come.
They whom on Street Midluachra late we saw.
Now following on Street Cualann. In good time
They join us ; for, be sure such chariot-throng
Leaves not the borders of the warlike North,
But champions good come with it. Let us in."
While thus fared Conary, the pirates' scouts
Who watched the coast, put off to where the fleet,
Stay'd on the heaving ridges of the main,
Lay off Ben-Edar. Ingcel's galley reached,
High on the prow they found him looking forth,
As from a crag o'er-hanging grassy lands
Where home-bred cattle graze, the lion glares
A-hungered ; and, behind, as meaner beasts
That wait the lion's onset for their share,
Outlaw'd and reprobate of many a land.
The ravening crew. Beside him, right and left.
Stood Lomna, Ferragon, and Fergobar ;
Which Lomna in the closure of his cloak
Wore a gold brooch embossed with flashing gems
Choicest by far of all their spoils yet won :
And Ingcel thus demanded of the spies —

" What saw ye, say ? "

" A chariot-cavalcade
Along Street Cualann moving from the north.
Splendid the show of lofty-pacing steeds
And glittering war-cars : chariots seventeen
We counted. In the first were reverend men.

Chariot, Cattle, Reprobate
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