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cont. - 2 Mrs. Eileen O'Casey

a 50/50 royalties basis and a share of expenses - but this figure, according
to the British Society of Authors whom I telephoned in great anxiety,
say is absolutely ridiculous. Thye suggested that perhaps a £520. would be
in lieu of all royalties and expenses!

As i told you by telephone I am pleased with M.Dumay's translation, and
I am very anxious to play fair with him, but it seems to me ludicrus that
I would be ou money for a French production of my play unless it was
a long running smah hit in Paris and elsewhere. Equally of course I
do not wish to antagonize M.Dumay as I think he is probably acting in
good faith - having admitted that the whole arrangements of translation
were 'virgin soil to him'.

I am most grateful to you for your help. Please thank John O'Riordan

Yours Ever

P.S. The Society of Authors is looking into the whole business
for me and have promised to write to me next week.

John Boyd
1978 Jan 12th
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