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16th February, 1949.

Dear St.John Ervine,

Thank you very much for your note. It is good news that
your book is coming out. I want to devote a whole book talk
to it, that is 15 minutes, so it would be very useful if you
could let me have a bound proof so that the reviewer can have
plenty of time to chew over your text. The problem of who is
the best person to review it is not an easy one, and no decision
has been reached yet. I want to get somebody authoratative.

The election excitement has died down now and we have
virtually a one party house. You may be pleased, I am not.
And I hope that as a democrat you are displeased - surely any
government needs constant criticism. About Beattie, well, I
agree with you: the man contributes nothing. I wish I thought
that his successor wasn’t annonentity. However the whole thing
makes me sick - cabinet ministers going round on white horses,
hysterical women dressed up, bands booming, and in all the god
of Reason completely dethroned. You are a lucky man to be in a
civilized country.

I hope you are well and will pay us a visit sooner or later.
Joe's book has done reasonably well. Did you read Bridle Steen
and Lord Dunsany's wonderful claims for it? It is not very good
I think. There is a better novel just published which I'm sure
nobody will read. It is called "Come Day Co Day” by John O'Connor
a 25 year old Armagh man. If you can get a hold of it, read it.
It is full of promise.

I hope you flourish. How about the Marx play?

Yours ever,



Talks Producer, N.I.Region

Dr.St.John Ervine,
Honey Ditches,


John Boyd
1949 Feb 16th
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