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31st December 1951.

Dear Michael,

Please thank Joan for her unique Christmas card: it
was very good of her to remember me in the middle of such
an upheaval. I’m glad that you are out of Dublin for a
space - you will have time to breathe again and to write.
I expect you are all settling down in Dorset: a change
of climate will do you all the good in the world.

We have all had flu and. are not so good, but I have
returned to work and am, as usual, up to the eyes,
have you noticed that Sams book has been getting good
reviews? It has bucked him up greatly. Joe was in the
office today - he has just finished a film. I had a
letter from Bill recently, sounded a little depressed,
hope I may hear from you soon. I am reading a lively book
by Edmund Wilson - Classics and Commercials. I expect you
have read most of the stuff in the New Yorker.

All the best to Donny and Oliver and a very haopy New
Year to Joan and yourself.
Yours ever,

Michael O'Donovan Esq.,
7 Cobb Terrace,
Lime Regis,


John Boyd
1951 Dec 31st
Film, New Yorker
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