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As from 28 Rosetta Avenue, Belfast 7

6th September 1977

M. Dumay,
14 Rue de Gaulle,
21240 Talant,

Dear M. Dumay,

My friend Eileen O'Casey kindly gave me your name when
I was enquiring about a French translator for one of my
plays called THE FLATS.

This play has had great success throughout Ireland, has also had a
successful production in Germany, and is going on at a New York
off-off-Broadway theatre for the 2nd time this Autumn.

Altogether it has proved to be very popular play, and has
been compared to O'Casey - hence Eileen O'Casey's interest in
my work.

When I was lecturing at the Sorbonne about a year ago a Paris
group were interested in a French production, and I began to
think about a French translation. If you would be interested
I would send you a copy of the play (it has been published and
gone into two editions), and T would also send you some of the
notices from Irish, American, and German newspapers.

I understand from Eileen O'Casey that you have already
translated FIGURE IN THE NIGHT and some of Sean's later
plays. I don't think, therefore, that you would find my
idiom particularly difficult. I would of course give you
every co-operation.

I am familiar enough with French, and visit Paris from time to
time, but I thinght it best to write to you in English.

Yours sincerely,

JOHN BOYD (signed)

(Copy of original letter transcribed from shorthand, due to
loss of copy)

John Boyd
1977 Dec 6th
O'Casey, German
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