• Across the Barricades
  • Chapter 4



understood the feeling of restlessness in him. She had it in herself.

He pointed down at the ships.

"Have you ever been in a boat, Sadie? A proper one?"

"No. Only a row boat at Bangor."

They both laughed.

"We'll go to Bangor one day again, shallwill we?" said Kevin. 'And
I'll take you out in a row boat. I'll row you across the sea to
Scotland. How would you like that?"

"I'd like it fine."

"You've devil enough in you for it, haven't you?"

Her eyes glinsted. "My mother says I go out of the way to avoid it
the easy way round."

"If your mothers were to get together they would probably be xxxxx
saying the same things."

The words silenced them for they realised the impossibility of their
mothers ever getting tohgether.

"Well," said Kevin lightly, jumping to his feet,"shallWill we go?"
He held out his hand to her.

They walked down the hill close together but not touching. Lights
were springing up gradually in the houses, the blue in the sky was
deepening streaks of pink and yellow swept across it, and each
moment it changed bringing another colour or hue
and changing.
Every moment it looked different; new colours and shades merged and
infiltarated the blues, pinks, yellows, torquoise, red.

"Look at the sky," aid Sadie. She felt she had never seen a sky

Joan Lingard
Bangor, Mothers
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