• Letters to Stanford


German. (She isn't a keen reader but like most Germans
is keen on culture (Kultur)in a theoretical sense.
Also to some extent in a practical sense. Likes
going to the theatre,art galleries,but in moderation.)

Since Friday - today is Monday - I’ve had
a spate of prose writing. Two articles of 1,000
words each; a xx 900 word review; a short
xxxxnotice for BBN. I hardly lifted my head on
Sat and Sun apart from morning Church service
on Sun. One of the articles was a piece on
Robt Lynd written,by request,for a new mag -
the ULSTER TATLER. The other was an article on
bookshops in Belfast in the 30’ s,written on the
suggestion of my cousin Walter’s wife (an
Englishwoman) who does a bit of writing herself
and thought it might slot into something called
BOOKS IRELAND (she knows the editor). The
long review was for IRISH PRESS on Alistair
Cooke's latest and the short piece on Iain
Crichton Smith’s latest book of verse. When I
think of my idle youth!! But work keeps one
from being bored. I suppose that's why Bing
stuck it right to the end - the money must have
ceased to matter to him years and years ago.

These new/new-ish Irish mags pay. I’ll let
you know later about them when I see how they
react to me. There might be a few pennies there
for you. You prob got my p.c. to say Terence de
Vere White was retiring.

Love to you both - Robert
My old teacher has sent me a copy of Robert
Garioch's "Collected Poems". Original work + "versions"
of a poet called Relli

1977 Oct 17th
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