• Letters to Stanford


No. 27
19th august 77
replied : 21 Aug 77

My dear Derek,

Still another note from me.

I had a phone call from HS today. He
read out the text of the letter he has
written to the Arts Council - lengthy and
'strong'. He must have taken considerable
trouble with it.

No,he didn’t mention the Poetry Group
nor did Michael H. A pity,but after all
the idea of these grants xxx to help
writers anf not so much the organisers and
encouragers of writers. Or at least they may
possibly look at it that way.

Grant or not,it’s very gratifying that
MH and xx HS have been kind enough to say
these flattering things about me. Writing tends
to be such a thankless business! I must thank
you too for your good offices with HS,as I
don’t think I wd have approached him.
Love to you both - Robert

Dolmen Press - Liam Miller,that is,is
excelling himself. He’s had my 2nd Fox for over
6 months and still hasn’t decided. If he should
eventually say yes,perhaps I cd expect pubn
by 1984.

I wonder what kind of delay Jack had at
Heathrow. I am flying from Gatwick,also

1977 Aug 19th
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