• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P.C.

9th June,1977

My dear Derek,

Many thanks for yrs of 7th.

Your story sounds very interesting and
I hope to have the pleasure of seeing it in
print. What comes spontaneously often turns
out well and I note that it was 'improvised'
with an audience present.

The Giuliano poem has been accepted by
Howard for OUTPOSTS. This Sicilian was a
real person,as I’m sure you know,and I took
the facts about him from Gavin Maxwell's
biography. I've just had a copy of ICARUS,
published by students at Trin Coll Dublin,
with 5 Fox poems. Fox goes down well with
students — they don't seem to resent his
being reactionary:

Jack seemed to enjoy his evening here. I
had a few members of the Poetry Group as well
and they were entertained by his reminiscence
of the 4o's, eked out by references to D.
Stanford’s "Inside the 4o's". I marvel at how
well I hit it off with the 25 year olds —
much less well with those of approx 35 or 45.
Perhaps there’s some kind of similarity in
outlook xxxx every 30 years or one is just
far enough away to be a period piece and not
merely out-of-date.

1977 Jun 9th
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