• Letters to Stanford


done has meant virtually an end to my xxxx
writing in B and B. So be it. Now Peter
Fallen hasn't offered to pay me anything,
except in copies. That's quite different,
as I know the position from the start. xxx
Anyway, I hope Mrs. Cash will pay
Gerald ana me, and end this unpleasant
business. Needless to say,I didn't mention
your name and of course you have nothing
whatever to do with the business side.

Arethusa has gone to take up a job
in a nature cure clinic run by an Indian
in Frinton-on-Sea. Or at least she hopes
she will be sort of person wanted and that
on her side she will find her employer
satisfactory. It doesn't seem much of a job
for an intelligent girl but It seems
better to do even that than hang round
Bantry Bay with a crowd of old people.

Hope all is well with Peggie and
you. I've been most impressed by the
Stuart novel. He obviously brought a lot of
his troubles on his own head, but what a
superb piece of work he's made of it all.
Love to you both - Robert

Herta flourishing

1975 May 22nd
Arethusa, Peggie
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