• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P. C.

26. 2. 75


My dear Derek,

Many thanks yrs 22nd. I think it was a
bit delayed because you wrote xxx “29”.

Herta has injured her back in a fall on
a polished floor in her house but I hope it
won’t upset plans. xxx She has had a lot of

I think Peter skilfully/xxxxx played the South
up against the North. What the Yanks call
“working both sides of the street”. He’s clever
and efficient.

No news about the Keats party. I’m afraid
her delays do not inspire confidence,but perhaps
the latest is also due to illness. If we don’t meet
there (my class time is 4.45 - 6.45 p.m.), yes,
the Wed. Why not come to my flat for coffee,as
it is, only 5 minutes' walk from N.H.G. ? I
could meet you somewhere at N.H.G. and conduct
you here.

I’ve never heard of A.B.(?) O’Connor. What
has he written ?

Goldsmith Press seem to be very active. I
don’t really know the Dublin scene today,only,
bits of it. Thanks for encs. But what l really

1975 Feb 26th
Herta, Dublin
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