• Letters to Stanford


27 P C

Sat. 7.12.74

My dear Derek,

First. Yes,I can meet you in the x Mall
Tavern next Wed (11th) at, say, 1.15. I'll make a
point of breaking-off mid-sentence at 1 p.m.

in Holland Park and xx dashing off.... Good
idea of yrs to link the Rammage visit with a

Didn’t expect you’d want to meet Harbinson.
I’m willing to meet him in Brighton as Brighton
is a place I like very much and I love a few
hours there. I’ve sometimes gone to Brighton
alone and it never fails to do me good. Perhaps
this tonic effect wears off for people who
actaully live there. Had another epistle from
the boy today. He would 'be delighted to see me'
etc. Actually,I think he’s got the law more on
his mind than the new book, whether this is a xxx

of paranoia and folie de grandeur ,or has a
basis in fact,I’ll try to decide when we meet.
He’s got a thing about Hailsham,that sounds a wee
bit like Freddy’s persecution mania in years
past. Claims that Hailsham rigs the courts. Yet
says that the judges "didn’t like Hailsham or me
since we both xxxx know some squalid aspects of
the majesty" (Ref back to 'majesty of the law').
The letters,incidentally,are strikingly phrased.
Quite a character.

I’ll chew over yr kind comments on the
C.D. poem. What I was trying to suggest was
what might have been in his mind near his death.

1974 Dec 7th
Mall Tavern
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