• Letters to Stanford


27 P. C.

21st Nov 74

My dear Derek,

I hope Peggie and you have settled in
again at home after your Wight wanderings.

I enclose a xx cutting of a review of
yours from today's I.T. This was perhaps the
one you wanted me to be on the lookout for.
Very interesting,too. I had expected it to
be on the 90’s or perhaps Victorian art/lit-
erature,but of course you can write on any-
thing at the drop of an editorial hat!

What is Cis playing at ? They announced
R.G. on D.S in the Nov issue. Now I see my
name on the Dec cover but they have printed my
piece on Edward Blishen and a.n. other. Now
Blishen is a contributor like yourself,so I
wonder if he pressed to have his piece in
first. You might try to find out discreetly...
I’m as disappointed as you will be.

In today’s post I found a copy of “Songs
Out of Oriel” signed by the author. i xx didn’t make any effort to get it for review
as I didn’t like the fact that he resumed
correspondence (after several years'silence)
shortly before pubn of the book. Not good
enough,that sort of behaviour. What’s your
opinion of it? the book The local references are

K *

1974 Nov 21st
Peggie, Book
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