• Letters to Stanford


No. 27 P C

Monday. Oct. 28,1974

My dear Derek,

Many,many thanks to xx Peggie and yr
good self for such a pleasant w/e.
Conversation,food,drink,walks just what
a Doctor who knew me would prescribe - not
to speak of the anthology you gave me.
Much appreciated.

Enclose the latest epistle from R.
Harbinson. You will observe the usual
name-dropping. Perhaps I shd suggest that
he writes another volume of autobiog
called "I KNEW THEM ALL" or,alternatively,
"They All Knew ME". Notice in the last
par that if I know a Dubliner called
Fallon, he knows a bigger,better and
richer Fallon! Very amusing. I think he
can't forget the days of poverty when he
and his mother had to hide from the rent

Five nice reprints of novels this
morning from B.B.N. inc xxxxxxxxx Masefields
Masefield's "Captain Margaret" - in a xxxx
series called the Bow Street Library
(Bodley Head) ed by Hugh Greene. Let's see

1974 Oct 28th
Peggie, Dubliner
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