• Letters to Stanford


36 Holland Park Mews, London, W.11.

12th Sept,'74

My dear Derek,

Many thanks for yrs of 7th and Ms
with percilled suggestions - I'm willing
to accept most of these and thanks for
taking the trouble. Very much appreciated
as I know you are so busy.

Hope those bloody x gales have

Room-hunting, a far from enjoyable xxxxxxx

Roy has OK'ed Captain Fox in his
own ironic manner: "FOX. Extremely well-
written about the inedible consumed by
the ineffable...As with IRENE you have the
guts to work at something xxxxxx longer
than my xxxx bus-ticket poems.. .Clutey
Gibson is the stopped gaps in my non-
vegetarian teeth." (He has written a few
poems about a boy he calls Clutey Gibson.)

Padraic Fiacc writes to say his
anthology of Ulster poems, "The Wearing of
the Black",is on the way and will I and

1974 Sep 12th
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