• Letters to Stanford


36 Holland Park Mews,W.ll.

7th Sept.,74

My dear xxxx Derek,

Here's today's book page from I.T.
Perhaps yr review appeared last Sat -
that issue didn't reach the shops thanks
to our Trade Union friends' activities.

I got a 3 pound cheque for x my
HIBERNIA review (only 400 words) but I
knew from Many Manning's remarks that
contributors were not exactly over-paid.
Still,I despise nothing that comes in the
form of a cheque.

Printed letter and xxxxxx xxxx
leaflet from General Walker. Quote:

"I would like to emphasise straight away
that... Civil Assistance is in no way
whatsoever anything remotely resembling
a private army,militia or a Para-military
body... Any form of weapon,uniform,head-
gear or armband is strictly taboo.” The
aim is to keep the country going in case
of a politically-motivated general strike.
The General refutes the smear that he is

1974 Sep 7th
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